Market Research

Ethnographic Filmmakers in major cities across the United States. Service professionals and resources to meet all of your media, and videography needs.

Video Taping

Groups, in-homes, on the street, in-facility, shopalongs.

Audio Services

Translation setups, audio only recording, remote recording, transcription recording, wireless, and of course, high end audio recording within video.


Private websites with chat functionality.

Simulcast / closed circuit

Monitors, digital surround sound or wireless (private) headsets.


24 hour or 2-3 business day turnaround time. Audio emailed nightly following research day.

Video Files delivered on-site

Smaller manageable video files for immediate sharing / posting and / or, HD RAW files.


High-end remote control cameras, small durable mobile / adventure cams, hidden cams, table mics, lav mics, etc.

Project Coordination

Videographers & A/V personnel across the country, & files delivered in most any format.

Post Production

Specializing in robust editing solutions and equipped to handle all of your post production needs.

Focus Groups

IDIs, In-homes, In-Facility, Shop-alongs, Hidden Cameras, Remote Control, Live


Closed Circuit Simulcast, Transcription Services and Editing; producing evocative and memorable videos that are as stylish and entertaining as they are informative.