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Jolly Road Productions is a full service production company of dedicated and imaginative filmmakers who bring a love of story, a passion for filmmaking, and an expertise in the tools of our trade. Headquartered in Los Angeles with filmmakers in most major cities across the United States, we approach every project with the same goal regardless of scope or scale …
Make it amazing.


With videographers across the country, we are your market research video specialists.

One-on-ones or groups, on the street, in-store, at events, or in-home, our market research videographers will capture every insight and expression on memorable, high quality video.

Story is our religion.

vid-1Commercial, Documentary, dramatic narrative, or to promote or honor: from script to screen, we’ll help develop your ideas, build insightful storylines, engaging builds and delightful payoffs.

Telling your story with style.

vid-2Highlight videos, an array of Live Broadcast options, on-site “sets” for interviews and promotions, multi-camera coverage of presentations, panels or special events and more.


Our Clients